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What people are saying . . .
  "Finally, after becoming progressively more and more despondent about where to go and what to do with our European family holiday, we find your fantastic website and all becomes clearer and easier to plan our way! Thank you, I was close to putting it in the 'too hard' box!"  
  "We use your website every week in our classroom. We have a letter of the week which we associate with a country starting with that letter. The children like "travel" each week to a new country. Our program is also very literature based and I love the fact that you have books about different places on your website."  
  "What a wonderful write-up you've provided for travelling in Costa Rica with kids: it's been extremely useful."  
  " I love your site - was wonderful to explore it before a family trip to Scotland last summer and, thanks to do, we had a great time at an adventure playground you recommended."  
  "We are taking a year away from school to travel with our kids (9 and 11) This website has been amazing!!! The book references are the best! Thank you so much!"  
  "Thank you for your great web site. Last year I stumbled onto your site while planning a trip with my 8 year old daughter and her grandmother to Paris. In 2007 we are now planning to go to Italy and again have found your web site to be a valuable reference. I love how you have set it up – it is easy to use and I appreciate the book references."  
  "I love your web site and thanks for covering Egypt. We lived there for 3 years and my kids love it. I knew you and really been there when I read the suggestion about taking a water taxi ... something you don't see manyu tourists do, but a great experience. Also, used many of your Greece suggestions."  
  "I visited your Web site and appreciate the truly wonderful books you recommend to children about many special places of the world!"  
  "I'm starting to plan a trip with my grandson (age 8) to England and Scotland in April. I was delighted to find your website and particularly likes that your include suggested children's books. I am sure you're suggestions will make our trip memorable."  
  "What a wonderful and informative site. We will be going to Italy and France this summer and I have bought and read many guidebooks which are written for adults and which focus mostly on churches, more churches and museums. Thanks so much for providing specific information relevant for families. You have saved me so much time and energy!"  
  Keep up the web site. We have found it really helpful for our trips to Rome, Paris and Berlin in the past 18 months."  
  "Your site is absolutely wonderful. I took my 8-year old son to Amsterdam for two days in July, armed with the information on your Amsterdam page, and we had a blast. We'll go somewhere else next summer, and we'll be sure to check your site first."  
  "In researching our upcoming trip, my son found your site first and he has been telling me about it repeatedly. Thank you for sharing your wonderful ideas."  
  "What an outstanding site! Well done you guys. We are about to head off to Europe for a month and had been looking high and low for a decent source of info for travelling with kids. I need look no further."  
  "What a great site! We are preparing to travel with our 2 year old daughter to India and China for 3 weeks. I have found your site very useful and reassuring. It is great to hear people be so enthusiastic about traveling with kids."  
  "You're invaluable. Thoughts like these don't show up on the travel books."  
  " I am so happy to have found your website. I have a 14 year old daughter and 7 year old son who are great travelers but I like to be cognizant of activities, places and events that are well suited to their interests. Thank you for your wonderful website; the information is relevant, clear and graphically pleasing."  
  "I would like to thank you for your information on places to travel with children. It has helped me immensely when choosing my holiday destination."  
  "I'm taking my two kids to San Diego and just stumbled across your site. How fantastic that you include children's abooks about the area. Your information is logically grouped and suggestions are helpful. Thank you so much for having such an insightful site."  
  I just have to comment on what a helpful site you have created. I am an American expat living in Amsterdam. I am looking for some fun things to do with my kids while they are on fall break. Your site has given me some excellent ideas. Thanks!"  
  "You get an A+ on content. I have traveled extensively with my children and I find your book recommendations extremely useful in getting my children prepared to travel to a specific destination."  
  "Thanks for putting together such a wonderful website - it's clear, cleanly laid-out, easy to follow and obviously written by people with children! It's been a fabulous resource ."  
  "Just a quick note to say how wonderful the website is! So informative, especially for a basic French speaker like myself who wants to get the most out of Paris with two very energetic little boys."  
  " We were in Munich from 2006 - 2008 with our two children, then ages 11 and 8, and your website was my 'go to' for all our travel planning. You have great suggestions about kid friendly sights and I love how you mention family friendly parks and open spaces. I have to say that my most favorite feature of your site are the book recommendations - we would always try to get a few before visiting a location."  

"I just wanted to take a second to tell you folks how invaluable your site is to me as a resource. I use it for three different reasons.

First, I love to travel with my three boys, and it makes it even better when we have great books to read together before, during, and after our trips.

Second, I'm a 6th grade teacher, and, over the last few years, I've been asked to develop thematic units for my students to work on during literature time. I was allowed to use whatever themes I wanted, so, since I love to travel, I decided to make my class "literature of the world." I've used your site to select novels, picture books, non-fiction books, and numerous other resources. Nearly every book you've recommended has worked perfectly. I love that you give a variety of suggestions based on reading level, interests, and even genres.

Finally, I run a student travel program. For about 18 months, I work with a small group of students before traveling for 12 days to a foreign country with them. That 18 months is spent studying the history and culture of the places we'll visit, and every week we incorporate pieces of literature that we find from your site. "

  Cookie Magazine – Best kid-centric, travel-ideas website. "Clever activity ideas and thoughtful reading lists (including the likes of Paddington and Belinda) to prepare kids to their upcoming adventures." July 2007  
  Scouting Magazine –"Traveling with Children" April 2008  
  WNYW - Fox 5 New York – Travel for Kids is featured on the List @ Six, best Travel Tips and Services. (Feb. 8, 2008)  
  Family Circle – Additional Resources: Family-friendly attractions and dining options." April 18, 2006  
  Newsweek – "Family Travel: Are We at Machu Picchu Yet?"
" Before you load up the kids, log onto these site for tips on health, safety and entertainment. Read all about it ... before you even arrive."
Sept. 19, 2005
  Fodors – "Travel for Kids - Fun travel destinations around the world and essential information"  
  Frommers – "Travel for Kids is full of information about destinations around the world where kids should enjoy their surroundings."  
  Yahoo! Kids Around the World>Travel> – "Information on places for kids to visit in North America, South America, Europe and Asia."  
  American Library Association – Great Web Sites for Kids – Editor's Pick for Family Travel Web Resources  
  W3Kids – Interview May 1, 2008  
  Let Take the Kids Travel Agency –"Written totally with kids in mind."  
  BBC Education Scotland – " Travel for Kids is a site that gives you the low down on place to go in Scotland. It assumes you've never been there before, so it's a great first step introduction. Actually, it's not bad if you live in the place, as it will trigger all sorts of reminders of places that you know should have gone to with the kids, but haven't got round to doing."  
  Houghton Mifflin Education Place – "Parents traveling abroad with children will find plenty of advice here, on everything from dysentery to choosing the right stuffed animal to take along."  
  Park Ridge Public Library – "Travel for Kids – fun things to do and see in Europe, North America and the World. A GREAT SITE!"  
  Europe for Visitors – "Travel for Kids: Toledo, Spain. Here's what to do in Toledo if you're young or wish you were."  
  Italy with Us –" Fun things to do with children in Italy, covering many places in Italy." – "Amerikaanse site, met fun things to do with your kids, overal ter wereld, best interessant."  
  Spotlight Germany – " has compiled a wonderful of fun things to do for kids while traveling in Germany."  
  Baby in Viaggio – "Con i bambini in Olanda." – "Browse this extensive guide to places to see and things to do with children in England."  
  Webshots – "Think you can't visit Paris with the kids? Think again!"  
  Scott Foresman Reading - Have fun in India!  
  TravelSmart Web site of the month (July 2005). "Traveling with kids is always an adventure. This web site, designed solely for parents and their children, takes the stress out of organizing a vacation."  
  Transitions Abroad - Web Picks for 2003 – "Don't let the name fool you: this is really a site for parents too, offering country-specific suggestions on what to do and see with your kids. Its section on "travel essentials" is, well ... essential."  
  Amari Hotels and Resorts – "Before you leave home, visit the excellent website It will give you plenty of tips for keeping your sanity whilst traveling (read the articles with tips for traveling with pre-schoolers and traveling with stuffed toys.) - Mexico - Guide Picks – "Learn about fun things to do with your kids in Mexico. The is organized by major regions of Mexico."  
  Union County Family – T is for Travel. This family travel guide offers information about planning vacations with children locally and around the world. It indicates fun things to do with kids in many different locations, as well as tips on food that children will like, and what to pack. – Site of the Week (April, 2003)  
  About - Canada with Kids – "Fun things to do with kids in Canada. Good suggestions at the Travel for Kids site, with a number of cities and regions."  
  All Info About London – "Wherever you are planning to go on holiday with your children, whether it is Europe, Asia, Australia, North or South America, consult this website first for expert advice."  
  Colorado Homes and Lifestyles – "Whether you're planning a weekend jaunt to the mountains or a two-week trip abroad, this site offers great ideas and tips for traveling with children."  
  Cheap Tickets Canada – "A great web site devoted to travel with families."  
  Invest in Kids – Recommended Web site for parents.  
  BBC Online – "If you plan your visit to suit the kids' tastes too, you will probably have less of a holiday hell! Travel for Kids is a website aimed at visiting Scotland with children. Whatever part of Scotland you're in, from beaches and parks to museums, you'll find something to keep them tantrum-free."  
  TravelMole – "Here is a site that provides the know-how for travelling with children to far off lands."  
  Kim Komando – "If you're going to travel abroad with your children, here's a site to answer the age-old question, "But mom, what's there to do?"  
  The Savvy Traveler (Aug. 8, 2003) – "End-of-Summer Travel Tips – Travel for Kids, travel destinations and essential information."  
  Milwaukee Journal Sentinel (Feb. 22, 2004) – "The site highlights the adventure and fun to be had with kids, along with lesser known must-sees and hidden gems within the big cities. 'We always try to have alternatives for families, places to go when there's bad weather, quiet spots of interest,' Young said."  
  News 8 Austin (June 12, 2002) – "Here you can get some ideas of what kinds of sites your kids may enjoy in a variety of countries. It also lists kid-friendly foods around the world."  
  1KTVLA – "It's hard to plan kid-friendly trips with all the adult-only destinations. Travel for Kids gives hints, tips and insider info about fun things for parents and kids to do when globetrotting!"  
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