Lafayette, California
May 15, 2000

Yet another travel website? No! is uniquely geared towards helping families create truly personal and memorable adventures in foreign places from Paris to Peru, making good on their tag line: "Where to find the fun things to do and the best sites to see with your kids all over the world."

But aren't there enough travel sites already? Well, look around: most fall into one of three categories…

  Glamorous couples basking in romantic circumstance  
  A formulaic list of the same half dozen well-known tourist spots  
  Tired and cautionary formulas of "drink only bottled water and stick to the tourist sites."  
  …with very little that's helpful for a family trying to plan a memorable trip abroad.

In contrast, Travel for Kids provides a family-perspective of travel, with great ideas on how to see the world from a kid's eye view.

At Travel for Kids, information is presented clearly and simply, unlike those gushy travelogues that seem to have been written to show how great a time someone else had, with only one or two real pearls of information. Write-ups of foreign places on Travel for Kids make them inviting for the family traveling abroad. Here's a sample:
  Central England  
  Pilot a narrowboat on the canals – Rent a narrow boat and spend several days, navigating the canals, such as The Grand Union Canal around Oxford. It'll be quite an adventure, opening and closing locks by hand, navigating your boat through sandy sections, eating and sleeping on board. Older kids will want to help open and close the paddle gates in the locks and steer the boat.  
  Roald Dahl's Children's Gallery, Buckinghamshire County Museum (Aylesbury) – If your kids eat up Roald Dahl's books, visit this charming gallery where kids can go inside the Giant Peach, ride the Great Glass Elevator, or explore Mr. Fox's Tunnel.  
  Travel for Kids' online guide includes where to go and what to do with kids in over 20 countries and dozens of cities -- London, Paris, Munich, Madrid, New Delhi, Cairo, Jerusalem, Lima, Buenos Aires, Tokyo and Hong Kong, with tips on the most kid-friendly "must dos" and how to have fun like a local.

Information covers both "must dos" and the unexpected. Must-dos include museums that are "kid friendly," hosting crafts days or providing special tours, suggestions for great picnic spots to break the monotony (and expense) of restaurant meals, ways to combine a tour of historical ruins with a visit to a petting zoo, riding stable, or public water park.

The site is clearly designed by people who have experienced real travel with real kids to real places.

Thinking exotic? What about suggestions for where to go kite-flying in Rajasthan? See Egypt's Valley of the King's from the back of a donkey or camel. Find a star-gazing club in Peru, camp with Bedouins in the Israeli desert or the gauchos on the Argentine pampas. Where to go hiking from British Columbia to Chilean Patagonia... A little more low-key? How about kid-oriented one-artist tours that make Madrid's massive Prado museum accessible or, great places for strolling in the English countryside? Picnic spots in Paris, bike rides in the Borghese Gardens of Rome, pedal boats in Amsterdam - even where to find the best circus in Germany! (It's in Munich, if you're curious.)

The site also shares seasoned traveler tips, (your credit card will give you one of the best exchange rates possible), excellent advice on travel documents and medical care, tips on "when to splurge and when to scrimp," eating out with kids in Paris, how to find an English-speaking doctor or dentist, so the grand tour won't come to an abrupt halt.

The fact is -- you don't really have to have kids to find this one of the best travel websites around: who wouldn't think that swimming with dolphins in the Red Sea and horseback riding in the south of Spain sounds like a lot of fun? Or to appreciate a suggestion on when to ride the rails and when to rent a car?

The principals at Globetracks are women with families of their own, including school-age kids, who have traveled extensively around the world. This experience shows, from what they've chosen to recommend, how easily you find information, to the depth of the website.

Travel for Kids is sure to be added to your "Favorites" list, consulted over and over - the essential tool for planning a vacation abroad.
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