Launches Mobile Version For Smartphones and Even Smarter Parents

Lafayette, CA
May 1, 2010

With summer family vacation planning in full swing, brings its award-winning content to the small screen as it launches its mobile version,, for any smart phone with a web browser. For years, travel-savvy parents have relied on the hand-picked, kid-tested fun things to do, family-oriented hotels listed by area with detailed amenities, area transportation and food tips, and children's books as they planned for their perfect family vacation. With the mobile version now available on any smartphone with web access, families have quick and easy access to same great information on kid-friendly fun, food, and local attractions on the go. virtually covers all four corners of the world and six continents. No matter where a family may visit in the world, offers kid-centric places to go, best things to do, best ways to get around, best treats and snacks for a taste the local flavor, and of course the must-sees topped with insider tips just for families.

The mobile site’s navigation is simple, user-friendly, and designed to download quickly on mobile networks. is logically organized from continent and region right down to cities and neighborhoods to ensure parents don’t miss a thing. The “fun things to do” include a brief and accurate description detailing the highlights so a family knows what to expect before and when they get there. Links are available to attraction sites whenever possible, allowing for real-time checks on days and times of operation.

Ranking right up there with how many times a parent hears the question, “Are we there yet?” is “What are we going to do today?” While is designed to help plan out your vacation before you leave, puts all that same great information at your fingertips. It’s literally like having your own concierge on your smart phone.

Imagine your family is vacationing in Paris and considering a day of exploring the Left Bank. shows which museums have the best playgrounds (the Luxembourg Gardens has lots of green space and stellar public parks), where to grab picnic supplies (the Epicerie is one of the beautiful supermarkets in Paris), and a perfect place to enjoy your snack is just to the right and next to the metro stop.

Taking a road trip down the West Coast and need a break from the car? lists fun things to do all the way from Washington to southern California. See the Pismo Beach exit? Take a detour to the Monarch Butterfly Grove. If you reach Grover Beach, you’ve gone too far. If it’s not November through February, skip the butterflies and head toward other family-friendly places along the Central Coast. Near Monterey? includes fun things to do like sea kayaking and the Monterey Bay Aquarium. All the highlights are listed by city and region and include the details and tips you need to know. For example, the sea kayaking is available for children age 7 and up. Great information to know before you get there – and with – you will.

Finally, it’s FREE. Unlike travel applications that are developed to run on specific smartphone platforms, is optimized for any smartphone with access to the web. But since has a reputation for offering trusted family travel advice, we’d be remiss not to mention international data usage fees. Families using overseas should check with their carriers about signing up for an international plan to avoid surprises on their post-vacation bills.


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