Lafayette, California
Nov. 1, 2002

Travel for Kids introduces a new product, "Fun Food for Kids" City Lists, detailed listings of restaurants and eating spots in an innovative format. Not an ordinary restaurant guide, listings include family favorites, such as bakeries, ice cream shops, delis and diners, in sightseeing areas most popular with families. "Fun Food for Kids" is sold and delivered online. Travel for Kids offers City Lists for San Francisco, Los Angeles, Santa Monica & Beach Towns, and San Diego.

Ever been in a strange city and found yourself going to the same chain restaurants over and over because the other options were too bewildering and the kids were too hungry? Tried looking through local restaurant listings only to give up after the 10th recommendation for a romantic bistro or places 45 minutes away? Wondering how to save on your travel expenses, instead of eating three meals a day in sit-down restaurants? With "Fun Food for Kids" City Lists, families will have choices for quick, healthy meals or restaurants in the right price range, as well as picnic options which are enjoyable for everyone and a cost saving.

Each City List is divided into categories that include family favorites, such as bakeries, ice cream shops, delis and diners. Families can search all the options in popular tourist areas (e.g. Fisherman's Wharf or Union Square in San Francisco), so they'll know what's close by when they need lunch or an afternoon snack.

Best of all, each listing is clearly marked – is it quick food (counter service, no waiting) or a splurge restaurant for a special occasion, what are the hours of operation, and is there a kids' menu available.

These well-researched and organized lists reflect what traveling families like and need, and make it easy to find just the right place at just the right moment. "Food is a big part of a family travel budget," said Elizabeth Young, publisher of Travel for Kids. "With "Fun Food for Kids," families have choices, whether they're looking for a great spot for breakfast, the nearest place for picnic supplies, a quick snack, or where to find a really special restaurant for a splurge."

"Fun Food for Kids" City Lists, priced at $7.95 or $8.95, are available now. Lists are speedily delivered online via e-mail. Click here to see samples of all the "Fun Food for Kids" City Lists. is a family travel guide that combines in-depth "fun things to do" with the practicalities of traveling with children, making it a web site that is consistently ranked in the Top Ten for Family Travel on Google.

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