THE NEXT GENERATION OF FAMILY TRAVEL DINING GUIDES DEBUTS - launches popular 'Fun Food for Kids 2006" for the iPod

Lafayette, California,
April 21, 2006 releases iPod® versions of its 2006 "Fun Food for Kids" family restaurant guides, just in time for the summer vacation season. "Fun Food for Kids" is a trusted perennial kid-friendly restaurant guide that travel-savvy families have relied on for years. Now, as hip as they are functional, the iPod versions will be the must-have restaurant guides of the season for families vacationing in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Santa Monica and the surrounding beach towns, San Diego, La Jolla and the vicinity, and Vancouver.

Traveling with children shouldn’t mean enduring days of fast food burgers or expensive hotel menus. There is a wide array of inviting and family-oriented restaurants that won’t spoil an appetite or a budget. A copy of "Fun Food for Kids 2006" for iPod is well worth the download. With a few turns and clicks of the iPod wheel, it delivers an accurate, well-organized listing of restaurants ranging from casual to splurge dining, and every snack bar and food court in between.

"Part of the fun of vacationing with children is soaking in the area’s culture through food. But after a long day of sightseeing, kids can be hungry and tired, which drives parents to stop at the nearest fast food joint. We’ve designed "Fun Food for Kids 2006" for the iPod to display every family-friendly dining option at your fingertips. It makes finding a great Mexican restaurant just as easy as the local golden arches," explains publisher, Elizabeth Young.

Not an average restaurant guide, "Fun Food for Kids" for the iPod speaks to children’s tastes and parents’ sensibility. The guide is organized by food category such as breakfast, bakery, deli, ice cream, juices, hamburgers, pizza and pasta, home-style, Mexican, Chinese, Japanese, vegetarian, etc., as well as precise area/neighborhood locations. Whether a family wants to wind down at the nearest ice cream parlor or is looking for a restaurant within three blocks of an attraction with meals under $10.00, this guide delivers every dining option complete with operating hours, kids’ menu availability and other practical details.

Families traveling with the iPod guide are spared from dining inconveniences and misinformation encountered with other restaurant guides. When "Fun Food for Kids" lists a restaurant near an attraction, it is within walking distance or a short drive, not 45-minutes on the other side of town. Since the guide is updated annually with each restaurant personally visited or interviewed by phone, families rarely arrive to a "Closed" sign.

The iPod versions are available online and retail for $10.95 or $9.95 USD. View a demo or, request a free download to try out any of six "Fun Food for Kids 2006" on your iPod.


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